With such a long history, Egypt is a country filled with pride of its culture and heritage. It is disheartening to learn of all the looting of the tombs since the ancient time by grave robbers to 19th/20th centries by the colonial government and later archeologists. Even as recent as Arab Spring only a few years ago, looters with guns entered many tombs and museums and robbed many treasures.

While in Luxor, there were two locals travelling on each mini bus. Originally we thought the second guy was a tour-guide-in-training. Then someone noticed they were carrying weapons and were actually our security detail. Our busses always travelled in a convoy and with additional police escorts. To enter the hotel parking, each bus is checked for potential bombs under the vehicles. In Cairo we had three police cars/vans while going from the airport to Giza.

This apparently is done to ensure the tourists that Egypt takes security of visitors seriously after the Arab Spring. Being oblivious initially, we certainly appreciate the precautions taken by the police and our tour operator.


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