While most in the tour group went to the great barrier reef, we opted for a visit to the oldest rain forest in the world. We had an aborigine guide who took us on a short tour of the forest to learn about the culture and history of the people. It was quite educational. Humid […]
After a week living out of a suitcase, everyone started to ferment a bit. The tour organizer booked us into a hotel with in room washer and dryer. After doing our laundry, we went to the group dinner that consisted of a visitor who was exceptionally furry and cute.
The captain got special permission to do a flyover of a large part of the Great Barrier Reef. We got an amazing view of the reef before landing in Cairns.
Spending half day at Fiji before continuing our westward journey towards Australia. Got up at 3am. We did some work on our computers (slow wifi) and Kurt swam in the warm Fijian water before packing up again for another 5 hr flight to Australia.
After having practically no sleep for almost a week, we are off to Fiji with a quick refueling stop at Tahiti (in the airplane for a total of over 12 hours). We caught up on our sleep a bit before landing in Fiji which is incredibly hot and humid.
We are awe strucked by the size and number of Moais dotting the island. Each is unique. Learned so much about the history and how the population was almost decimated by small pox when the Europeans arrived and later taken advantage of by various countries. Nowadays the locals love the American archeaologist William Malloy who […]
Not much luck with Peru. First was Day 1 where we flew to Cusco, turned back, checked into a hotel at midnight and had to get up at 3:30am for a 5am flight to Cusco. on Day 4, more problems with our departure to Chile. The passport agent was suspicious of our short stay and […]
Massive religious site near Cusco built by pre Incan. gigantic megalithic structure where stones are carved to fit together without mortar.
thunder storms, cancelled landing, wobbly trains and bumpy long bus rides to finally see Machu Pichu. the site was empty because it is rainy season. massive swarms of no see um bugs. quite a bit of casualty in the group. we managed to mostly avoid getting bitten with large quantity of deet spray. Lesser of […]