We will refuel in Azores then off to Orlando for a total of close to 11 hr flight time. Landing in Orlando for an overnight stay then fly back to SFO Tuesday.
As our around the world trip draws to a close, we gathered as a group one last time for dinner as most people will be heading back to Orlando while a few will be going off elsewhere. Many dressed up in various outfits from places we have visited. The dinner also included entertainment by two […]
Visited the Souk (artisan market), Madrases Ben Youssef (old Islamic College now a museum with beautiful tile work) and Koutoubia Mosque. Lots of walking. Beautiful crafts. Kurt was repeatedly warned “don’t touch or annoy the cobra”.
Living off the land and protecting the animals are the way of life in the serengeti. The Circle of life is the prominent theme here where birth and death are just part of how things are. By the way, serengeti means endless grassland. for someone with serious grass pollen allergy like Emily, this is probably […]
Less than a week after we left Peru, the president of Peru tried to dissolve th parliament, causing massive protests and his impeachment and arrest. Now there is a no travel advisory as many tourists are stranded to Machu Pichu as the railway we had just travelled on a few days earlier were blicked by […]