Woke up at 3:30am to watch the meteor shower. Got lucky there was a patch of clear sky even though most of the sky was cloudy. Saw a dozen shooting starts (unfortunately did not capture any on camera). However, someone with eagle eyes spotted that the pic of Tanzania night sky shows the Southern Cross. See left of pic with four bright stars forming a trapezoid. This constellation can only be seen in the southern hemisphere.

Kurt spent the morning on a game drive while Emily bowed out of the bumpy and dusty ride, and opted for looking for wild life from the comfort of the hotel room balcony with minimal bugs. A herd of elephants decided to make a morning visit to the watering hole. This herd is smaller than yesterday’s. About 10 animals with 2 babies. They stayed for almost an hour so Emily was able to observe their interactions and discerned somewhat who is the leader and how it kept others in line.

Also saw a few animals all by themselves. The tour guide yesterday explained that when an animal becomes too old, sick, or too pregnant to keep up with its herd’s migration, it is left behind and eventually becomes prey for the lions. Circle of life.


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