Woke up at 3:30am to watch the meteor shower. Got lucky there was a patch of clear sky even though most of the sky was cloudy. Saw a dozen shooting starts (unfortunately did not capture any on camera). However, someone with eagle eyes spotted that the pic of Tanzania night sky shows the Southern Cross. […]
Kurt took full advantage of his camera to capture some great photos of cheetahs that even the group photographer was envious of. After driving back from the balloon site, we found ourselves looking at a herd of over 30 elephants who decided to come to the water hole by our lunch area at the hotel […]
Another 4am bus ride for an hour in total darkness on a dirt road to the site where the balloons take off. Soaring over the Sarengeti at sunrise is an experience no words can describe.
As we say goodbye to India’s delicious cuisine, dazzling clothing and music, we endured a 4am departure and a long flight to Tanzania. Landed in Kilimanjaro airport and switched to a puddle jumper to the national park. Then an hour long bumpy ride on a jeep on dirt road to the hotel. The ride was […]
Yet another 5am trip. Got on our plane to Agar, where Taj Mahal is located. After a short flight, we landed in a military airfield and took another bus to Taj Mahal. It was also packed with people. The building is beautifully designed with marble fascade of flowers and quoran quotes. It was disheartening to […]
Never seen a more crowded and busy place, not even Times Square on New Years Eve. Jaipur is a city filled contradictions. The tour guide was proud to showed the glimming shopping malls, high tech operator centers, universities, government building and expensive condos, yet every street is filled with people selling stuff or sitting on […]
Cambodia is a country still trying to recover from the dark period under Pol Pot where over 2 million people were killed. Our tour guides all personally experienced the harsh reality of the genocide. One tour guide lost his entire family at age 6. He was homeless and eventually became a monk. He learned English […]