Yet another 5am trip. Got on our plane to Agar, where Taj Mahal is located. After a short flight, we landed in a military airfield and took another bus to Taj Mahal. It was also packed with people. The building is beautifully designed with marble fascade of flowers and quoran quotes. It was disheartening to learn of this symbol of love ended in tragedy where the king who built it was imprisoned by one of his sons for the remaining years of his life. This building is marred by utter cruelty where this son killed two of his brothers and blinded a third to gain power.

Funny that there were so many Instagram “influencers” taking photos. One young woman was all dressed up and was filming herself gently caressing the marble walls with her bejewled hand.

After all the crowds, we were more than ready to retreat to our peacock filled oasis hotel back in Jaipur, abate it was only an illusion of peace and tranquility.


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