Never seen a more crowded and busy place, not even Times Square on New Years Eve. Jaipur is a city filled contradictions. The tour guide was proud to showed the glimming shopping malls, high tech operator centers, universities, government building and expensive condos, yet every street is filled with people selling stuff or sitting on the sidewalks begging. Although cows are considered holy, once a cow no longer produces milk, and since it is bad luck if a cow dies in one’s house and it costs a lot to properly dispose of a dead cow, people let them loose on city streets to roam and scavange in garbage piles for food. As such, every street is filled with people, buses, motorcycles, motorized rickshaws, homeless cows, dogs, and pushcarts. No one observes any traffic laws and crossing the streets take nerves of steel.

It is definitely a busy city. Everyone is hustling to sell something, to go somewhere. One can see why the country is so successful in producing so many programmers and high tech entrepreneurs. A very competitive culture. We visited the astronomy tower which demonstrated the culture affinity to science.

We checked into a hotel that is in the midst of bumpy roads and shanty town. Behind the high wall and guards was a beautiful hotel with waterfalls, green grass and peacocks roaming the ground. It was an odd experience to drive through the town to reach the hotel. For dinner there was dancing, yummy Indian cuisine and the best freshly made garlic nan. Needless to say, Emily overate. Kurt ended our busy day by participating in a game of camel polo, a polo game in extreme slow motion.


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